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New Clients
Massage Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Sandra Wheeler Ashland Medford Grants Pass Oregon Massage Therapy

Every effort has been made to create a professional, nurturing environment to support your healing in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We welcome you.

New Client Forms

I require all new clients to fill out a 'New Client Form' which tells me about any previous injuries or medical conditions I may need to be aware of before any session work is done. The forms are completely confidential.

To view or download a form, please click below:

New Client Form - PDF (PDF 408k)

New Client Information

“Healing is not an event, it is a process.” John F. Barnes, PT

Length of Each Treatment
We offer both one hour and 90 minute sessions.

Length of Time Between Treatments
It is recommended that sessions be spaced within a week or 2 of each other. Change always occurs between treatments, and often more change occurs between treatments than during each treatment.

Number of Treatments
Even a single session can contribute to the healing process.
The number of treatments people need varies a great deal, and we can discuss this during your sessions. No set amount of sessions is required.

Frequency of Treatments
If you are currently experiencing symptoms (recent or from long ago), it often takes several sessions in a row to ‘make progress’ on lessening or resolving those symptoms, and assisting the body to come to a new state of balance. 4-10 sessions, spaced a week or 2 apart, is a common sequence.

Many clients choose to come on a weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) or monthly basis as needed, to maintain and support their current level of wellness, as well as addressing imbalances, stresses and injuries that may arise.

Much like growing a beautiful garden, the healing process and our bodies take careful and consistent tending, nourishment and patience. This is the process I offer in my practice.

What should I wear during my treatment?

During sessions, clients lay comfortably on a soft, heated massage table (this heating can be optional). To maximize privacy, clients are fully draped at all times, except for those areas being addressed.

For cranial sessions: clients may remain fully clothed. Nonrestrictive clothing is suggested: soft fabrics without belts (such as sweatpants) are often most comfortable for both practitioner and client.

For all other sessions:
Shorts or swim bottoms for everyone.
For women: 2 piece bathing suit, athletic bras, or undergarments.
You are welcome to undress to your comfort level.

Fragrances, cologne, aftershave

Fragrances worn by clients sometimes linger in the treatment room for hours after their departure. Some clients are strongly affected by fragrances and may have allergic or asthmatic responses.

For the comfort of other clients, please avoid wearing fragrances to your treatment. Your comfort is of the utmost importance. Please let us know any needs you may have before or during sessions including temperature, bolstering and positioning to help you feel more comfortable.

Privacy, respect and confidentiality are honored in this work at all times.


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