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Workshops / Trainings / Upcoming Events

Upcoming Dates - (see full schedule information)

* No scheduled events at this time

Ongoing Each Month: Midline Meditations (see below)

These workshops are an introduction to the history, theory and beginning practice of biodynamic cranial work. Offered for any health care practitioner, body-worker or therapist desiring to cultivate and deepen their experience of Presence and Stillness within a hands-on practice.

The foundation of Biodynamic Cranial Touch is the focused and open presence of the practitioner. Different from traditional craniosacral therapy this work builds on a heightened sensitivity to listening to the deeper rhythms of the cranial system. In this training we will explore different levels of touch and energy awareness through perception exercises, which help to cultivate the inner stillness required for session work.

This approach was developed by Charles Ridley in alignment with Dr. William Sutherland’s (the originator of cranial osteopathy) later explorations into what he called the Breath of Life. Charles’ book, Stillness, proposes this work not as a treatment model but as a map for the evolution of consciousness.

Throughout this training we will be exploring these deeper rhythms of the Breath of Life, accessing these ‘tides’ within ourselves and our clients, and discovering the effectiveness of this approach in the reclamation of wholeness in the body, mind and spirit. We welcome you to this journey.

*Synergy Holistic Health Center is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Wren Breedlove, PT and Sandra Wheeler, LMT, are approved instructors for SHHC.

Midline Meditations

Midline Meditations are a time to come together to assist our deepening into body-centered Stillness and deep relaxation in a nurturing, safe and sacred group field. We are led through a gentle, quieting 30-40 minute guided meditation, focussing our restful awareness in the midline of our bodies.

The midline is the source of Health, Stillness and Presence inside of us, and our
individual connection to Source (also referred to as Dynamic Stillness, in craniosacral language).

After the guided meditation, we sit in silent restfulness in the group field for another 10 minutes. We then have time to share our experiences with one another (optional, although we all learn from one another in this sharing).

Ongoing each month

Midline Meditation Gatherings (ongoing).
Most Sundays, Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, (Jacksonville, Central Point) OR and other locations.
For specific dates and times, see:


Sandra Norris Wheeler  |   contact - Sandra Wheeler |  541-912-9556