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Services / Descriptions / Explanations of Therapies

Advanced Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Release Ashland Oregon Sandra Wheeler

Myofascial release is a whole-body, hands on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the human structure. Its focus is the fascial system. Physical trauma, an inflammatory or infectious process, or structural imbalance from dental malocclusion, osseous restriction, leg length discrepancy, and pelvic rotation all may create inappropriate fascial strain.  (more...)

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Advanced Craniosacral Therapy

Cranisacral Therapy Ashland Oregon Sandra WheelerLife and motion

Life expresses itself as motion. At a deep level of our physiological functioning all healthy, living tissues subtly "breathe" with the motion of life - a phenomenon that produces rhythmic impulses which can be palpated by sensitive hands. The presence of these subtle rhythms in the body was discovered by osteopath Dr. William Sutherland over 100 years ago, after he had a remarkable insight while examing the specialized articulations of cranial bones. Contrary to popular belief Dr. Sutherland realized that cranial sutures were, in fact, designed to express small degrees of motion. He undertook many years of research during which he demonstrated the existence of this motion and eventually concluded it is essentially produced by the body's inherent life force, which he referred to as the "Breath of Life." (more...)

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Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery Massage Sandra Wheeler LMT Rehabilitation & Injury Recovery

A Wholistic Approach…

It is a foundational principle in this work that body, mind, spirit function as a whole, both in health and disease. Every aspect of who we are is an essential part of an interdependent system. All of the modalities used in my work are utilized to assist this process of returning to wholeness and integration. (more...)

Structural Rebalancing

Soft Tissue Release by Sandra Wheeler Licensed Massage Therapist Ashland Oregon

Structural Rebalancing Ashland Medford OregonIt is the goal of structural rebalancing to help return a person to a more comfortable, fluid, balanced, painfree, active lifestyle. By gently reshaping and aligning tight, constricted muscles and connective tissue/fascia (see below), and allowing them to regain their more normal, flexible form and function, the constricted and rigid patterns of thinking and feeling in us also have a tendency to relax and open up. Greater ease, relaxation and reduced pain levels can unfold on all levels. (more...)


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