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Welcome to this website…

Like planting and cultivating a beautiful garden, this website brings together a wealth of information, experiences and resources. Through several decades of extensive professional training, personal growth in western and indigenous cultures, learning and exploring the realms of traditional, alternative, complementary and energetic medicine… these are the seeds, plants, flowers and materials that have been gathered in this online ‘garden’.

This website is an offering of resources to help inform and support your choices as you seek to thrive in your life on all levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit.

I will be updating information here frequently, so I invite you to return often. I am blessed to be a part of numerous professional and collegial networks. From these associations, new articles, research and learning opportunities will be presented in these pages, particularly in the areas of:

  • healing and balancing for the whole person
  • manual therapy and bodywork which addresses symptoms while helping to resolve underlying causes
  • reducing pain and dysfunction
  • stress reduction and calming the nervous system
  • resources to empower you, to help you take responsibility for your health and to be informed.


Midline Meditation 1: Resting in Your Midline
includes these sections...

Introduction - An overview of the potent Midline Meditation technology, the origins and availability of Stillness within you, and the numerous benefits of cultivating this inner awareness in meditation and throughout your day.

Instructions - Simple and affirming guidelines for using this meditation, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner of meditation. This 28 minute meditation can be used on its own, as a deep relaxation tool before sleep, or as a basis for a longer meditation.

Meditation - A deeply calming 28 minute guided meditation to bring your awareness into the source of Stillness within you: your Midline. In this progressive, centering meditation your outward attention naturally calms as you are guided into an inner place of natural ease and restful Presence.

Daily Awareness - Practical applications of the Midline Meditation practices. Using this Midline Meditation helps us develop a more centered, relaxed awareness throughout our day, igniting numerous physiological, mental and emotional benefits, as well as helping us to evolve our consciousness.

For More Information, Listening Samples & Ordering Information
Available in CD and Downloadable MP3 formats

I also invite you to access the Midline Meditations blog which has recently been created, midlinemeditationsblog.

This site will be added to each week.
It includes information about the meditation gatherings, but also more extensive information about:

  • deepening the relaxation response
  • calming stress
  • bringing a deeper sense of ease and calm into our lives
  • how to cultivate inner stillness in the midst of the challenges of life
  • providing information about health benefits of calming the nervous system and reducing stress
  • how to stay centered in the midst of change
  • creating a community of fellow explorers who are seeking to integrate these qualities in their lives.

    The meditation gatherings are a place to open to these possibilities.

    I honor you, and welcome you.

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